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Scott Tournet Digital Album Bundle


Digital tracks and artwork from all three of Scott Tournet's solo albums, including: Next To Canada (2004), Everyone You Meet Is Fighting A Hard Battle (2006), and Ver La Luz (2013).

This offer contains:

-Song For You
-Not Too Late
-Lights Go Down
-The Longing
-Here In The Morning
-Stand by You
-Here All Night
-Crawl Back
-Next To Canada Cover_600
-Tell U The Truth
-Stop And Look Around
-Sitting Here (Too Long)
-Sinkin' In
-Destroying Me Too
-Judgment Day
-Share Your Grave
-Everyone You Meet Cover_600
-Feelin' Bad/Feelin' Mean
-Mirror Of Your Eyes
-I Ain't Changin'
-Simple Loss Of Faith
-What I Can't Believe
-I Can't Tell
-All My Friends (Capitalist Lament)
-Doin' Time
-The Game
-Long Cold Lover
-The Marshfield Shuffle
-The Tock

Audio Format Options:
-High Quality MP3 (320 kbs)
-Apple Lossless

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